Our Vineyard

Cardwell Hill VineyardAlong the southernmost slope of Cardwell Hill, the vineyard encompasses a total of 57 acres. Thirty eight acres are now planted with Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris Vines. Eight-five percent of the plantings are Pinot Noir.
The region’s rainfall, which approaches an average of 40 inches per year, creates a natural supply of water that seeps deep into the ground at the higher elevations and then slowly percolates down the slopes throughout the summer months. Taking advantage of this natural flow of subterranean moisture, Cardwell Hill Cellars utilizes a “dry farming” approach.
Meticulous care is taken to adhere to environment friendly practices and to utilize sustainable agricultural techniques in every aspect of the cultivation of quality wine grapes. With great pride, owner Dan Chapel, proclaims, “only the juice of the grape is removed from the vineyard – all of the stems, skins, seeds and cuttings are cultivated back into the land.”
Cardwell Hill has been certified both “Salmon Safe” and “LIVE”. Vineyard practices meet or exceed the rigorous standards set forth by this grower organization.

We invite you to visit us.