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Listed below are our events for 2017 For more information about an event contact us.


      • Total Eclipse
        When the great American Eclipse casts its shadow over Oregon on August 21st, you will want the best possible view. Cardwell Hill vineyards lies directly in the narrow path where the full eclipse can be viewed. This is the first time since 1776 where the path of totality, the narrow band were the moon fully covers the sun, lies completely in the United States and no other country. This twilight phenomenon will occur around 10:15am at the vineyard. We understand it will look like sunset as cosmic rays extend beyond the black disk of the moon. To commemorate the occasion, we will release a new wine, as we provide the perfect viewing venue. We will be serving pre–event refreshments and a post-event barbeque. This will be a full day celebration in the vineyard. Reservations are at a premium for a choice location on the Path of Totality. We are offering a limited number of RV/camper spots (no hook-ups). Cost: $50 per night. Prior to the eclipse we will serve bagels and Mimosas. Following the solar action, we plan a Mexican brunch and will release a new wine. $100 per people or $85 cellar club member for the brunch. RSVP chapel@cardwellhillwine.com

July 22nd – 23rd – Reserve Vertical Tasting (no reservations needed)

July 28th – Lebanon Wine Walk 5pm – 10pm

July 28th – Philomath Wine Walk 3pm – 7pm

August 4th, 5th, 6th – Reserve Vertical Tasting
(Sunday reservations for formal tasting at 4pm with H’Ouvres)

August 18th – 21st – Eclipse Weekend. Estate Vertical Tasting all weekend

August 21st – New wine introduced

September 1st – 4th – Labor Day weekend – Pommard Vertical Tasting

September 9th – Rhapsody in Vineyard – Downtown Corvallis

Nov 24th – 26th – Thanksgiving Weekend – Open House


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